Mosaic Medicine Seattle Location is now CLOSED.

Updates: Dr. Becky has closed her Seattle based private practice. She is relocating to Austin, TX for an extended sebattical. Phone consultations will be available in the near future. Please see her new website: for news, updates, appointments, and supplements.

About Mosaic Medicine
My name is Dr. Becky Andrews and Mosaic Medicine is the name of my private practice. My practice is housed within the Mosaic Natural Health Clinic in north Seattle.

Mosaic Medicine embraces a diverse combination of philosophies, modalities, and approaches to healing. In my years of working as a healer and physician, I have seen over and over again that every person is truly unique. Not just our personalities, but our beliefs, our choices, our genetics, our physical structures, our biochemistry, and possibly most importantly, our stories - the events in our lives that led us to the unique set of circumstances we are living today. All of these factors come together in the expression of our current state of being.

Unique bodies and lives require truly customized, unique health care. No two people are exactly alike, so why should their treatments be alike? Because each patient is completely unique, every treatment I offer is a unique combination of techniques or medicines, assembled in response to the uniqueness of each patient, at each visit. The incredible diverstiy of my patients also leads me on an unending quest for new knowledge, techniques, and approaches so that I can contiune to explore the endless nuances of healing and health with my patients.

Mosaic Medicine will always be a work in progress. Today Mosaic Medicine means drawing upon the best of conventional medicine (lab testing, imaging, surgery and prescription drugs when necessary) while also drawing upon the best of traditional medicine systems from around the world (herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, physical medicine), as well as drawing upon the best of modern "alternative" medicine (biological medicine, environmental medicine, esoteric testing and treatments). The end result is a collage of many cultures, theories, paradigms, and techniques - a mosaic of medicine.

Again, I welcome you, and I look forward to the unique journey we will travel together.

Dr. Becky