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Appointment and Scheduling Information

You can make your own appointment with our online scheduling platform (Acuity). 

Or by phone



Dr. Becky's assistant (Joanna) will reach out if there are any issues or if any adjustments need to be made to your appointment.  If you have questions about making an appointment or need help knowing what type of appointment to make, feel free to reach out:  

Scheduling coordinator / administrative assistant can be reached:

 call or text: 



After you schedule your appointment, new clients will receive a series of emails for the onboarding process (patient portal, intake and consent forms, etc). 

Visit Types:  How to Choose

Dr. Becky offers free 15min "Meet and Greet" appointments for potential new clients.  These visits are to determine if her services are a match for your needs, and if it make sense to become her client. 

*Please note that no health advice will be given at these short interviews.*  

Most new clients will default to the 90 minute, naturopathic, first visit. 

If you need extra time you can choose the 2 hour option. If you feel you will need a longer time for your first visit, reach out to the scheduling coordinator to discuss a custom appointment time. 

Follow up visits can be acupuncture only, naturopathic only or combined naturopathic and acupuncture visits. 

Acupuncture requires a bare minimum of 35 min (when added onto a naturopathic visit), so please schedule enough time if you want to do both.  The shortest possible ND/ Acupuncture combo visit  time would be 1 hour, and that would leave only about 15-20 min to discuss naturopathic issues. 

When estimating time needed, we generally recommend 15 min per question/ topic.

Lab review usually requires 30 min for straightforward labs (like screening bloodwork).

Review of the more complex functional tests AND going over a treatment plan to address issues found usually requires a full hour. Reviewing multiple, complex functional tests AND going over a treatment plan may require 90 min. 

When in doubt - Reach out!  The scheduling coordinator is available to help you get the right appointment type and time scheduled. 

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