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Pricing and Fee Structure

Naturopathic Consultation

First Visit

120min (first visit)            $ 345

90 min (first visit)            $ 295

Follow Up Visits

90 min (follow up)          $ 235

60 min (follow up)          $ 175

45 min (follow up)           $ 145

30 min (follow up)          $ 100

15 min (quick check in)   $ 50

30 Min Immune Support Coaching     $60

*Combination ND and Acupuncture visits default to ND rates*

See below for late cancel/no-show policy

Acupuncture and Bodywork

80 min (New patient)        $ 175

45 min (Follow up)             $ 85

Genomic Profile Review

First visit cost          

Research time cost

Follow up visit cost

Total cost:                

$ 295- 345

$ 150- 450

$ 175- 235

$ 620 - $1030

Research Time

30 min                               $75

Service Specialty

While I often consult on “standard” functional health cases (leaky gut, adrenal health, hormone balance), what makes me really different from other practitioners is my willingness to take “whatever time is needed” to look at all the data in complex, chronic, mystery illness cases and connect the dots for people.  Charging for “research time” to review extensive history and lots of documents is the best way I can think of to make pricing fair for everyone, allowing people that need it, to have that devoted time.

Naturopathic First Visit Includes

  • Pre-Visit devoted time:

    • Full review of in-depth health history forms (30min)

    • I make notes, organize ideas, create preliminary lists of likely issues, questions and labs to run (30-60min)

    • Review lab/ imaging results from other doctors (15-30min)

      • Noting connection to presenting symptoms

    • Preliminary "connect the dots"

  • Visit time (90-120min face to face time with me)

    • More time as needed, charged in 15 min increments as schedule allows

    • Detailed verbal Q and A - focusing on the timeline of how your health story evolved over time - often going back to childhood

    • Rough sketch treatment plan with education and explanation

  • Post-Visit devoted time (30-60min)

    • Finalize written treatment plan with detailed write up, links, etc

    • Supplement lists (curated order from online dispensary)

    • Custom herbal formula created if needed

    • Labs (bloodwork and functional testing) ordered as needed

    • Referrals given (as needed)

  • So new client prices above include 3.5 to 4 (or more) hours of Dr. Becky's time devoted to your case. 

Please note that if your past labs are extensive, we may reach out to discuss booking some extra 'research time' for me to do a detailed review.  This process will be decided, with your input, on a case by case basis.

Clients often need 3-6 naturopathic visits to fully engage in their healing journey.  

Acupuncture usually requires 4-10 visits.  

Acupuncture Visits (both first visit and follow up) 

ONLY include gathering the information I would need to perform an acupunture treatment, and performing that treatment.  This type of visit will NOT include review of labs, discussion of supplement protocols or other integrative health advice. 

The vast majority of patients have issues that would benefit most from a combination of naturopathic and acupuncture care.  For this reason we STRONGLY encourage naturopathic first visits to make sure all your needs are being addressed, then if desired, you can have "acupuncture only" follow up visits.  

Late cancel/no-show policy

Because Dr. Becky invests so much time in preparing for your visits, and because we are reserving that time slot specifically for you, we request that you give a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule a visit so that we have the opportunity to schedule someone else in that spot and Dr. Becky will have time to prepare.  We reserve the right to charge 50% of the visit fee for cancellations 24-48 hours before your visit.  Same day cancellations or failure to show up for a scheduled appointment (no show / no call) may incur up to 100% of the visit fee, at the doctor's discretion.  We know life happens, and mitigating circumstances will always be considered. We ask that you at least let us know what has happened so we know you are OK.

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