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What Clients are Saying

Dr. Becky is the most compassionate, articulate, and professional caregiver I have ever encountered. It is without hesitation that I would refer potential patients to seek her understanding care. ~M.M. (more)

I feel that she truly understands my medical needs – and she cares. Words simply aren’t enough to express my sincere appreciation for all that Dr. Becky has done to change my life for the better.  

~ EP  (more)

Dr. Andrews is one of the doctors to whom I refer patients that happen to need services outside my specialty area of urology, and I can’t say that about many other doctors. Her thoroughness, dedication, pleasant demeanor, and excellent clinical work make her an ideal doctor and someone I trust completely sending patients to.
~Eric Yarnell, ND

Finally, after working seriously with six different doctors, I’ve found one who can return me to what other people consider ‘life.’  
~ E.L. (more)

I highly recommend Dr. Becky for environmental medicine. She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and supportive.  
~ Anonymous

I came to Dr. Becky a miserable person, suffering from a dozen ailments all seeming to stem from chronic metals poisoning. I’d tried years of chelation with other doctors, and was still sick, and still testing positive for metals. 
Not only is Dr. Becky hyper-smart and a complete delight to work with, but she possesses an ego-less curiosity that leads her to collaborate where other doctors bluff…. This latter especially is a rare, amazing, and in my opinion critical trait in a doctor. Dr. Becky has leveraged all of these qualities in her inexhaustible effort to map and resolve my symptoms. To all appearances, it has actually worked. And I don’t mean band-aids and duct-tape “worked.” Like, I’m actually, genuinely getting better “worked.” It’s nearly 1 year since I began seeing her, and almost all of my symptoms are gone. I take one, highly tailored supplement that seems to address the very core of what had been making me ill. It’s a freakin’ miracle. She’s great. Go see her. 

Within 5 minutes, Dr. Becky had identified my problem as a "slipped" rib.  With some adjustments and a couple of needles here and there, I had an immediate reduction in pain and was pain free within a couple of treatments……While she was treating my rib, she also … helped me with stress, anxiety, back pain, lingering knee pain from my surgery and gout…..when they ask me who should they see, I have one answer:  Dr. Becky!  
~P. Y.  (more)

I have enjoyed working with Becky because she is very supportive and has inspired me to take better care of myself.  Because of my specific heath care needs I see multiple doctors and Becky has always worked hard to communicate and coordinate with my other health care providers.  Her efforts have helped to make my health care more complete and well rounded.  
~K. H.

Dr. Becky has been a truly valuable doctor in my journey back to wellness. Her unflagging optimism and dedication helped me through some difficult times, and her holistic approach to her patients is comprehensive and refreshing. She has an amazing array of skills and specialties, and works to earn your trust as a caregiver. Highly recommended!  

My daughter Lauren has taken on a lead in the school musical at Shorewood High School….She is like a normal girl again…We can never thank you enough Doctor Becky! We will always remember you!!!!!  
~Lauren’s mom (more)

I especially recommend Dr. Becky for anyone who is struggling with a condition such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, the “mystery” illnesses that many doctors do not take seriously.  If you are looking for a physician who will advocate for your healing, come visit Dr. Becky!  
~C.C.   (more)

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