Availability by Location:
Monday and Wednesday:  Peoples Rx
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:  Si Shou Acupuncture Wellness

Covid-19 Practice Update

Phone and Telehealth visits are available for both local and remote clients (through either location below). 

I am now also offering deeply discounted 30 minute Immune Support Coaching visits for those concerned about COVID-19.  These visits are available for current clients as well as new clients (an abbreviated intake process is available for new clients who only want focused immune coaching).  

The Si Shou location is open for in person naturopathic and acupuncture visits.  We do require that all clients wear a mask when entering the clinic and we are sanitizing rooms with extra care between visits. 

Which Location to Pick


Peoples Rx is centrally located.  I can only offer naturopathic consulting services there (no acupuncture or bodywork services).  The clinical support / scheduling staff is off site, so the experience is a little informal and "DIY". The consult space is in the Peoples Rx store on N. Lamar Blvd. It is a busy store, it can be a bit chaotic at times, but it is always high energy with lots of great people.  Since visits are in the Peoples Rx store, you have immediate access to huge number of supplements at the time of your visit (plus a deli full of delicious organic food). 

Si Shou Acupuncture Wellness:  I can offer combination visits (naturopathic counseling and acupuncture / bodywork) at this location. The clinic space is clean and serene.  There is part time onsite staff at this location so the experience here is also sometimes informal and "DIY".  There is a small onsite dispensary of prepared Chinese herbs. I also have an online dispensary (with home delivery), and many of the supplements and custom herbal formulas I recommend can be purchased locally. 

Peoples Rx (North Lamar)

Si Shou Acupuncture Wellness

4018 North Lamar Blvd

Austin, TX 78756

Peoples Scheduling (512) 219-8600

Chris direct (512) 828-7727

*new patients must call for appointments*

5424 Highway 290 W. Suite 106

Austin, TX 78735

Joanna (main) (512) 766-4237

SiShou Clinic (512) 387-4002

for independent projects or research time