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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your masking requirements?

At this point (early 2023) masks are optional.  If you think you have a high chance of having been exposed recently, I ask that you mask to protect me (so I can keep caring for others).  Likewise I am happy to mask at your request (for any reason, or no reason). I have masks available if you do not have your own. Based purely on the science, it would be a good idea for everyone to still be masking, however, I understand the strong emotional pull to skip the mask (as I am feeling that pull too).  For your safety we (as always) do surface sanitizing between visits and SSAW has high quality air filters in the clinic. 

Do you offer virtual visits?

Yes!  I offer remote health consultations via phone or HIPAA compliant video conference.  I have clients all over the country (and even a few foreign countries), and am happy that technology has now made this process easier than ever.  Remote consults are available for new clients, as well as follow up visits.  If you are local, it is ideal to have at least one in-person visit if possible.  

I also offer in-person visits for local clients that prefer a one-on-one experience, or are seeking acupuncture or other physical modalities.

How do I schedule an appointment?

It's easy!  Click this button

How do I get to my patient portal?

Your patient portal has to be manually set up (by scheduling staff at Peoples, or by me if you are coming to the south location).  This may take a day or two after you have made your first appointment. You should get an email with a link to set up your portal.  Occasionally entry errors are made and that email never comes.  Feel free to call Chris (see appointment page) and ask for help accessing your portal.  

If you just need to get to the patient portal login page, click here:

What to bring

1) Bring copies of any relevant labs or imaging to your visit
(you may also send them to me as email attachments using the patient portal messaging system - PDF only)
Labs I frequently request:
CBC, ferritin, Metabolic panel, Vitamin D, TSH, free T3, free T4

2) 23andMe / MTHFr Testing can be done prior to your visit.
This test can take up to 8 weeks, it is a consumer based test - you can order it yourself.
Folks with fatigue, mood, or toxicity issues may want to begin this process before the first visit.
Guide to Genome & Methylation Testing

Intake and Consent Forms

All forms (health history, consent, policies, privacy, etc) are on your patient portal.  

Please complete these by 6pm the night before your visit so I have time to review them. 

These forms are really long and detailed, but I do actually read every word.  The more information I have, the better I can see the patterns in your case. 


To review or download the full text of the longer forms, click the links below:

Privacy Policy

Arbitration Agreement


If you would like to have lab results or imaging released from other doctors and sent to me, you will need to provide your doctor with a signed Records Release form.  Please download, print and fill out the form below and take it to the doctor you want records from.  


Records Release Form

Consent Forms

What to Expect

If you are a new paitient, and have made your appointment online, within 1-3 days you should recieve 2 emails.  One asking you to set up your patient portal, and the next with links to your health history and consent forms in the patient portal.  Please keep an eye out for these emails.  If you have not received them 48 hrs before your visit, please contact one of the offices.

The first visit is 90-120 minutes.

I will review your complete health history, often going back to childhood, all of your current symptoms, your supplements, your medications and any labwork/imaging you bring.  This allows me to see patterns in the evolution of your health and symptoms. I am usually able to give an overview and a preliminary treatment plan at the end of the first visit. If your visit is at the Si Shou location, acupuncture treatment can be included in this first visit. Acupuncture and bodywork are not offered at the Peoples Rx location. 
Clients often need 3-6 naturopathic visits to fully engage in their healing journey.  

Acupuncture usually requires 4-10 visits.  

Fees at Private Practice

​Naturopathic Consultation (in person or phone)

120min (first visit)            $ 250

90 min (first visit)            $ 195

60 min (follow up)          $ 145

45 min (follow up)           $ 125

30 min (follow up)           $ 85

15 min (quick check in)    $ 30

30 Min Immune Support Coaching     $60

Acupuncture and Bodywork

80 min (New patient)        $ 145

45 min (Follow up)             $ 80


Combination ND and Acupuncture

Fees default to ND rates

Research Time              $75 / 30 min

Fees at Peoples Rx

​Naturopathic Consultation (in person or phone)

120min (first visit)            $ 300

90 min (first visit)            $ 235

60 min (follow up)          $ 175

45 min (follow up)           $ 150

30 min (follow up)           $ 105

15 min (quick check in)    $ 50

30 Min Immune Support Coaching     $60

Which location to pick?

Virtual visits (via phone or HIPAA compliant video conference) are available through both locations.  

Peoples Rx is centrally located.  I can only offer naturopathic consulting services there (no acupuncture or bodywork services).  There is no onsite staff, so the experience is a little more informal and "DIY" and since it is in a busy store, it can be a bit chaotic at times, but always high energy.  Since visits are in the Peoples Rx store, you have immediate access to huge number of supplements at the time of your visit. 


Si Shou Acupuncture Wellness:  I can offer combination visits (naturopathic counseling and acupuncture / bodywork) at this location. The clinic space is clean and serene.  Staff is part time at this location so the experience here is also informal and "DIY".  There is a small onsite dispensary of prepared Chinese herbal products. I also have an online dispensary (with home delivery), and many of the supplements and custom herbal formulas I recommend can also be purchased locally.  

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