Mold Testing and Remediation

Testing your home or office for mold

Mold Remediation Companies

Starting your search for qualified remediation professionals

Finding Accurate information about mold, water damaged buildings and potential impacts on health

uugh... unfortunately this is a labyrinth (more to come)

Surviving Mold

Dr. Richie Shoemaker is the pioneering doctor in bringing mold illness into public and medical awareness.  If you are (or think you might be) dealing with health issues from water damaged buildings, you need to know about this doctor's work.  

Please check out his information and resource-rich website:

Laws relating to Toxic Mold



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"Dr. Becky is the most compassionate, articulate, and professional caregiver I have ever encountered. It is without hesitation that I would refer potential patients to seek her understanding care. ​."


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