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Digestive Issues

Woman with arms over her stomach in apparent pain

The health of the digestive system is central to our overall health.  Naturopathic doctors have long believed that healing of most chronic disease must start in the gut.  Research on the human microbiome (the bacteria and other bugs in our gut) has supported this idea and we now have ample data to show that gut health is essential to a healthy immune system, balanced inflammatory responses, joint health, brain health and more.  

Most chronic health challenges evolve over time and often have multiple contributing factors. My goal is not to just eliminate your symptoms, but to find the cause of the symptoms and guide you in restoring balance. As an ND in Texas, I do not diagnose or treat these conditions. What I can offer is holistic guidance to support overall balance and improve quality of life for clients struggling with:

  • Digestive system imbalances

    • Constipation

    • Diarrhea

    • IBS 

    • Dysentery (traveler's diarrhea/ food poisoning)

    • Gas / Bloating

    • SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

    • GERD/ reflux 

    • Food sensitivities

    • Candida / gut flora imbalance

    • Parasites

Functional assessment of gut flora, diet and lifestyle changes as well as focused supplementation can often dramatically improve gut health and have a big positive impact on quality of life. 

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