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Naturopathic Counseling

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How is Naturopathic Counseling different than seeing a regular doctor?

As I explained in the "Health Detective" segment, naturopathic doctors are trained to look at the whole picture of your health and symptoms. We do not focus on "fixing" a particular disease or symptom. While my foundational training is very similar to that of a convnentional health care practitioner, there is a big difference in the underlying philosophy and approach of naturopathy. 

As an ND, my underlying assumption is that the body has the ability (and inclination) to heal itself.

I see symptoms as a sign of something getting in the way of that process. 

It may be diet causing inflammation, or infections, or prolonged life stress, or nutrient deficiencies, or toxic exposures. 

As an ND I am committed to finding the cause (and hopefully the cause of the cause) of these imbalances and partnering with you to find strategies that will work, not just for your body, but for your lifestyle. 

Recommendations focus on optimizing your health and the functioning of all of your systems. 

  • I often recommend diet changes (or at least diet experiments)

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Targeted exercise techniques

  • Nutritional and herbal supplements to optimize and balance biochemical pathways, immune function, hormones and digestion

  • Acupuncture for pain, stress, and to enhance diet, lifestyle and supplements

In Texas, Naturopathic doctors are not yet licensed (please see About Naturopathic Doctors).  That means that as a Naturopath in Texas, I do not diagnose or treat illness.  I do not order labs directly, and cannot prescribe medications.  For this reason it is important that you continue to see your primary care doctor and specialists.  If I feel that laboratory studies, imaging or prescriptions would be helpful in finding the cause of your symptoms, I will help coordinate with your other health care practitioners to optimize your care.  

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