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DIY Detox Resources

Woman in a Sauna

For those on a serious detox journey, things like sauna and colon hydrotherapy can be literal life savers.  People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) from mold and chemical exposure may need to do saunas and/or colonics multiple times per week for an extended period of time in order to get ahead of their toxic body burden.  In these situations, it can make more financial sense to purchase home units.  

A note on saunas: there is a huge debate about Near Infrared vs Far Infrared, both with convincing advocates.  At the end of the day, you need a hot box to sweat in.  The heat sources does not actually matter that much.  What is very important is that the hot box does not contain chemicals that will off gas when heated (like adhesives or plastics in the building materials) and cause you to breathe in toxic fumes while you are trying to detox.  The second issue is trying to minimize the EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) that you are exposed to while doing your sauna. For real wooden saunas, the current theory is that solid poplar wood, assembled with screws (not adhesives) is the safest, and ceramic heaters with EMF shielding.  The NIR below is using light bulbs that supposedly produce low amounts of EMF.  

Home Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna

  • Wooden, home FIR sauna: by Heavenly Heat

    • Solid poplar, no adhesives, no toxic chemicals​

  • Portable low EMF FIR sauna

    • Probably the best cost to effort to benefit ratio

  • Some other Sauna brands that are reported to be EMF shielded

  • DIY Near Infrared "hot room" on the cheap

    • The cheapest option, but requires available space, building skill or extreme creativity. 

    • In a real pinch you could build a "kids fort" out of wool army blankets and a dining room table and clip work lamps with NIR bulbs in them under the table.  Definitely a potential fire hazard, so be very careful.  If you have a small bathroom (that is not moldy) that would be better. 


Home Colonics

Colon cleansing is the most efficient way to prevent reabsorption of toxins that have been metabolized by the liver. A healthy colon re-absorbs 94% of bile (which toxic metabolites are bound to).  Binders (psyllium, clay, charcoal, flax, rice bran) can only reduce this by 10-25%.  Colon hydrotherapy ensures that 100% of this waste is eliminated during that treatment. For those who are very ill from toxic exposures, colon cleansing is critical in preventing immobilizing flare ups from mobilized toxins being re-absorbed into the body.  Enemas are helpful, but only clear the contents of the rectum and part of the sigmoid colon.  Colonics utilize repeated "fills" and "releases" and when done correctly can clean out most of the large intestine.  Full colonics should be done by a trained professional and patients must be screened for risk factors (like diverticulitis or other conditions that weaken the colon wall) before undertaking this treatment.  If patients are going to undertake months of regular treatments, and they have tolerated professional treatment well, it is reasonable to continue these treatments at home.  The two units below are viable (if somewhat messy) options.  

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