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Love Your Brain: Discussion on Brain Health

This past March, I was so happy to join Dr. Ron Swatzyna from the Houston Neuroscience Brain Center as the presenter for his monthly webinar on brain health. Dr. Ron asked me to give an overview of brain health from a naturopathic and nutritional health standpoint.

Being a compulsive teacher, I went a little overboard. In this 45 minute video I provide a brief overview of how the brain works and all the things that can affect brain function.

As a naturopathic doctor, understanding WHAT is wrong (and what caused that issue) is the most important part of developing a strategy for support. So after covering possible causes for brain health challenges, I then go into all of the different natural options for improving brain health. I discuss herbs, nutrients and other natural therapies that can help optimize and improve brain function. Check it out! (spoiler alert - which supplements/ herbs depends on the cause of the issue)

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